Embark on a bloody Hellraid

Join a group of fierce combatants mustered by the Guardian of the Ancient Tomes and begin your quest for the survival of mankind.

  • Experience Hellraid on your own...

    Experience Hellraid on your own...

    Fight, develop skills, collect loot and craft weapons while exploring a world devastated by demons. Treacherous swamps, squalid prisons and ancient catacombs will be among the settings of your adventure. Hellraid offers what’s best in the hack & slash genre but viewed from the immersive First-Person Perspective.

  • ...and with up to three friends!

    ...and with up to three friends!

    Play in cooperation in a team of four heroes with different skills and weapon capabilities. Slaughter enemies with swords and axes as a Barbarian. Heal and protect your friends with the Paladin’s defensive magic. Burn, freeze and electrocute demons with the Mage’s staff and kill with precision of the Rogue’s crossbow.

  • Enjoy the infinite replayability

    Enjoy the infinite replayability

    System-generated online challenges, loot and enemy spawn points make the game playable for hundreds of hours! Coopetition also adds an additional layer of rivalry with points gained for each kill, assist, completed quest and challenge. Be the best in your team to receive greatest reward and climb up the leaderboards.

Play Hellraid solo or with friends for hundreds of hours and never get bored!

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