A huge step forward for Hellraid!

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The time has come to describe in detail changes in Hellraid that we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. We put much effort in creating a completely new combat system and re-defining many other aspects of the game.

Among other things, we’ve decided to move Hellraid to a new engine. Thanks to the Chrome Engine 6 – the technology behind Dying Light – we’ll be able not only to create a better game but also release it on the next-gen consoles!


Let’s discuss the details.

First of all, we’ve divided Hellraid into three game modes: Story, Mission, and Arena. All of these will be playable both solo and in 2-4 player co-operation.

In the Story Mode, you will take on a suicidal mission of repelling infernal forces to save the world and discover the story of the protagonist and his family – cursed decades before.

The Mission Mode offers a more arcade gameplay that lets you revisit locations unlocked in the Story Mode. The main objective is to beat high scores: creating longest combos against enemies, scoring most points in a mission, and taking highest positions in leaderboards.

The third mode, Arena, is based on survival. It features a set of unique arenas where you fend off increasingly stronger, bigger and more varied waves of enemies. Only the most persistent will survive!


After many debates, we’ve also decided to abandon class division. Our class-free approach means you can choose freely between weapons and skills, which in turn lets you create a demon slayer that is tailor-made for your preferred playstyle.

Into this universal skill tree we’ve incorporated three branches that correspond to melee combat, magic, and agility. The game lets you jump between these three specialties to combine various skills with hardly any limitations.

Due to the improvements in the game and time needed for implementing the new technology, also our release plan has changed. The full version of Hellraid will launch in 2015 simultaneously for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

However, before the full game goes on sale, we want you to have a part in creating Hellraid. That’s why we’ve chosen to release its early version through Steam Early Access in autumn 2014 and carry out regular updates based on your feedback. We’ll share more information about it in the near future.


Take a look at the latest trailer, where we list all the new features of Hellraid and complement them with tasty gameplay clips. As always, we look forward to your opinions, comments, and ideas about the game.

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I understand they're trying to make the game better so that we are thoroughly satisfied, but I wasn't really anticipating yet another whole year of waiting for the game to come out.

Add "New Game Plus" mode like your previous game, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Thanks!

I wish every company had the dedication and honesty to make their game the best it can be. You guys always go above and beyond our expectations.

It as the name suggests, this is my dream game. That's something seeking for many years. I can not sleep with anticipation. This is probably the work of the gods thus beautiful game. Thank you for coming soon dream come true.

I think it is a cool thing that Hellraid is going to be more visually advanced through the new engine.
My questions is if there is any chance we coud see a linux version of Hellraid ?

While we can't provide you with any specifics, let's just say it's not entirely out of the question.

Cool, that's at least not a no. Thanks for answering.

I just wondered if all the people complaining about no ps3 or 360 have considered that it might be the fact that it is a smaller team working on Hellraid. Also they may not have the budget to pay to put it on all the consoles. Plus they have another game in the works which might be higher priority.

I myself don't have a next gen console. I plan on getting one next year though. Happens every time next gen comes out. Its time to move on or get left behind.

Iv'e following this game for almost a year and a half now and i gotta say i'm disapointed like a lot of people are for this not coming out for the ps3 also. like someone said i'm not going to buy the next gen consoles anytime soon so i was really looking forward to this but it's their call, they're developing the game so they can do whatever they want with it but have some respect for the fans of your games guys please. i don't mind if the graphics ar'ent the greatest around if the gameplay in general is cool. Too bad...

Could always buy a PC then

Friend if playing on a pc is your thing i respect that but its not mine, i prefer consoles.

I have also been waiting patiently for this to be released, but on the XBOX 360. Sadly I too will have to remove this from my wishlist as well. It would be nice if sometime they would produce a Call of Duty game set in a Fantasy/Medieval setting. I really wanted a game like Hellraid for my 360..if only Dark Souls 2 had the option to go into 1st Person...

i dont care about grafics too (by the way they already were awesome) the gameplay is everything that counts

And Techland you seem to be forgeting that especially your Dead Island games received a lot of negative reviews from gaming websites, magazines and such... You know who saved those games for you guys? The fans, because even though those games had problems (for some people way too many problems) they had cool settings and gameplay that made us want to play them. So i ask again: show at least a little respect for the fans guys.

Well, if they made this decision it is because they believe it will be more profitable when it is release. However, it seems they are losing a lot clients around here, including me. Anyway, if I ever try this game it will be on PC as I am more than fed up of the problems with consoles:
Today they are just overpriced and underpowered PC's.
Games are overpriced due to royalties.
Reliability of current consoles is a joke, with the exception of the Wii U.
The catalog is no longer very different to the PC. The only difference being first party efforts.

new consoles = finally better textures, things with 10 years inside a pc.

wii u = garbage and fail.. i think the final hammer in the nintendo´s head.

pc = damage by the console bullshit, but better, a adaptive enviroment, something capable to evolve.

Considering I'm a PC gamer, yeah the switch doesn't phase me in the slightest. Though you should REALLY be aware of what you're doing, that's a good way to piss your fanbase off.

it's been begrudingly difficult to make games for the last generation of consoles for their entire existence.
between impossible policies you need to abide to, to basically useless resources available, making a Console game has been about compromising everything for the past many years.
if nothing else, atleast these new Consoles will allow the Game Industry to actually freaking grow for a year or two, before we hit another wall of these garbage machines holding the entire world back.
seriously, can't people just have a computer and connect a Controller to it? it's the same price as a Console now, and you can upgrade them from time to time when you need to.

Yeah, and I get that. 360 and PS3 certainly have their limitations, especially compared to a PC (so does every console, though.)

Regardless, I do understand everyone's frustration first it's going to be on PS3/360, and then bam, it's not. People are only really upset for the lack of consistency in the information they're providing. A confused customer is an unhappy customer.

While I am not bothered by the next gen change over or whatever. I use my PS3 as a glorified bluray player. I am a pc gamer. I find some of the changes interesting and even cool in some respects.

I will also say that I find the lack of actual direction this puts toward your possible fan base disheartening. I understand some of these ideas were there from the start. While others came later. It happens it's a part of this industry and it flows with the want for making a good bit of money while retaining your love of making games.

I don't hold anything against your game and I hope you sell tons and get the success you deserve and want. For myself I just don't feel as hyped as I was.

Wow. Great new promo video. Quite impressive. Nice to see entities possessing peculiar behaviours as well as looks.

Sweet :) Glad your taking so much time to improve the promising concept I'm really looking forward to it it's certainly going to be amazing :)

Oh and please include female pcs! That would make the game perfect! ...and it would fit the whole customization idea ;)

Skills look insane... makes no difference whether its a universal skill tree or class systems. People who haven't even played the game already making an issue (complaint)... looks like a few people escaped from their Diablo 3 forum cages and made it over here.

Trailer in 1080p says it all.. Amazing. Please don't pull any punches and let naysayers rot in hell.

*** trajler. Wszystko psuje żenująco mało oryginalna muzyka. Przez taki kicz ta gra nie wygląda wyjątkowo. Co to? J RPG, czy hardkor medival slashkiller rpg from hell?

I'm honestly disappointed and feel like this game is going the way of Skyrim. Epic hype ending up as a big disappointment due to dumbing down for a 'wider audience' and the consoles. I was really looking forward to something epic, now I'm sceptical.

Well now it's my most anticipated game for 2015!

Kind of really disappointed that the class system has been abandoned but I cant say I didnt see it coming...Ill still gear my character more towards the Rogue aspect (and Im hoping the Rogue like branch has some sort of Invisibility like spell/magic for sneaky sneaky ganking purposes, heh heh? *wink wink nudge nudge* ;) ). That being said I really cant wait for this game. The massive amount of quiet was really worth it to find out about this complete overhaul and his ignited the dying flame of passion I once had for this game. The game looks even better than before guys so keep up the good work and Im hoping that the release date is within the Q1 2015 range because I really cannot wait for this game any longer and the ambiguous 2015 mark is really to much anxiety and mystery.

woah why no class system anymore it was soo good :(

the trailer is very cool but why did you abond the class system... in my opinion it fits perfectly to a game like this and what happend to the ols really coll working mage wand with fireballs and ice out of the old trailer, is every spell now made with wand and hand?? and why no classes!!!!

We abandoned the classes to give you, the player, full control over the character. This means you'll get even more skills to unlock and mix together to suit your playstyle. This way everyone can develop their own unique characters which will really spice things up in co op.

definitely appreciating that. Classes are extremely outdated and do nothing other than stifle players.
it'll be interesting to see what sort of mixes players can create to deal with Enemies their way.

I'll say goodbye because of the next gen shit :/

Me too, Announcing a game as Xbox One / PS4 only is fine, but announcing support for Xbox 360 / PS3 then dropping it during development is not imo. I was excited for this game.

I was really anxiously awaiting this, it looks like a more fantasy Dead Island, which was exactly what I wanted. Sadly I will no longer be following any progress on this game or care about it at all for that matter. Abandoning 360/ps3 support was the final straw (nevermind the constant delays and pushbacks) I'm sure I would've really enjoyed this, but seeing as I won't be getting any of the new gen systems anytime soon there's no reason for me to care anymore. In the future you might want to think about not starting development on one platform and then completely abandoning it. Wish y'all best of luck.

I must say that I'm also very disappointed in Techland. I don't mind pushbacks to make sure a game is properly polished and tested it's the axing of the PS3/360 that I do mind.

I thought of Techland as a developer/publisher that really cares about it's player base and it's player base is mostly on the PS3/360 so even if they were to release Hellraid on X1/PS4 we would also have a release and that in turn would really boost Techland's sales and therefore profit.

As it is the X1/PS4 simply doesn't have enough games to be considered 'current gen' which is why developers are choosing to release on all four systems instead of just the 'next gen' (Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and even Watch Dogs to name a few are released(ing) on all consoles and I believe PC simultaneously).

Techland, I've seen you listen to your consumers before so please listen to those who want an all systems release. I for one will be buying on 360 (if it is released) and on the PS4/X1 when I finally get it.

If not...well then I'll see you sometime in 2016!

I'm not getting a next gen console anytime soon too. Don't know why the game can't be released on current gen (blah blah, there's still 160 million PS360 around the world), that Chroma 6 engine can run on it too.

Sorry for you man, but I agree with Darkenmal and Clay. I still have my last gen systems but I also have the newer gen systems and I would rather a game be completely 100% dedicated to the newer stuff and bring out a games full potential then worry about it being published on something outdated as of now. The only times Ill buy games for my last gen systems is if the developer didnt have the resources to put it out for the newer gen.

I am with you Disappointed. Hellraid was one of the major titles that was still coming to the current gen console of games (Xbox One and PS4 is still next gen IMO) and I was highly anticipating it. Hearing that they have completely axed support for the PS3 and 360 is extremely disappointing. I don't see why they can't continue and release the game not only on the next gen and PC but also the current gen as well.

With this news, I have currently lost all interest in the game and will probably pick it up in a couple of years time when I finally do get a next gen console. And by that time it will likely be a bargain bin buy instead of the preorder and full price purchase that I was going to put down on it.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions would mean too many compromises in terms of graphics and gameplay. Compromises we weren’t willing to make, because they were against our top principle: making a game we would like to play themselves.

The time needed for scaling down and optimizing past gen versions was also a factor. We have around 30 people in our team and prefer to use these resources to polish up the final product.

I'm not speaking for anyone else when I say that I appreciate your reply to our concerns about a release of Hellraid on the PS3/Xbox 360.

As a long time gamer having been playing since the NES, I, for one do not care about 'graphics' so much as gameplay. So while I can imagine there would be an enormous scaling down of graphics on the PS3/Xbox 360 Hellraid would probably look no worse in fact even better than Dead Island/Riptide which is again good enough for me.

What ill effects to the game would there be in terms of actually gameplay on the PS3/Xbox 360? How would it be less enjoyable for yourselves as both developers and gamers and for us your fans and consumers?

The point is that the X1/PS4 simply does not have either the game library or the amount of time to be considered 'current gen' since it's just been released. This coupled with the relative high cost of these 'next gen' consoles make anyone who isn't making good money, isn't already wealthy, isn't in or from a two income home quite wary of them. Of course those are examples of why might some people not own one or both of the 'next gen' consoles.

The reason for my digression into economics is this: $60 for a brand new game is generally fairly reasonable while $600 800+ for a brand new console plus the game and the means to use premium online for multiplayer gameplay is generally excessive considering this is entertainment.

Now for a developer an 'all platform release' even 'watered down' version for 'current gen' systems would be very profitable for you. The reason is because again the most of us who don't own a 'next gen' system will likely purchase it again once those new systems both come down in price and have a larger library.

Since I am just a fan and consumer that to me sounds like a very reasonable move to make. I'd happily give you a total of $120 for Hellraid on the 360 and X1/PS4 whichever I choose to get at a later date, however; because it is your decision that date will definitely be later and will definitely just be $60.

It also seems to me that support among those fans and consumers is not very high. A personal reason why I would much rather give you $120 is in the hopes of the sooner development of Dead Island 3 or beginning development of Hellraid 2.

Good reply man. Ia gree 100% with everything you said. Hell it seems like there was no global financial crisis and everybody is rich enough to buy game consoles like one buys apples or something! it's my third or forth comment about this because i'm really disappointed as you for this not coming out for ps3/xbox360. Like someone also said here: i'll buy it for the ps4 when i buy the console... when the game is half price or less or in the bargain bin.

Sucks to be you, but I would rather have a game that is not neutered by decade old hardware.

I agree 100%. As a PC gamer, it greatly pleases me when I see developers putting out new gen games only. It's time to abandon the PS3 and 360 and push gaming forward.

Well, Titanfall managed to do both without screwing the new consoles, why not this game? Considering it's original release info can't be that much of a stretch.

This game is back on the map for me! I was getting weary but after seeing that new trailer and all these new updates I see now it was just the quiet before the storm. I was a tad bummed that the game will be released in 2015 now but seeing how much the game has improved I completely understand and cannot wait, especially since its now coming to the now current gen systems.

Also I have a question: I plan on getting this for the Ps4 but I do want to do the early access. If I do the steam early access would that be considered a purchase?

Yes, you'll need to buy the game on Steam to play it in Early Access. On the other hand, Early Access will cost you less and give you the full game at launch.

Some of the new features sound good, but honestly I've lost faith in Techland. Hellraid changes from a 2013 release to 2015? Also, the game is no longer released on PS3 and Xbox 360? I heard that Dying Light may cancel the game for those 2 systems too.
I'm taking Hellraid off my radar of games now. Don't care. Too many other good things out and coming.

So its possible that TITANFALL can be on current and next gen but not HELLRAID? Way to abandon your CORE audience guys. SALE LOST.

Not everyone wants to make a game for all systems. The fewer the systems a game is released on the easier it is to work on fixes and updates for bugs, glitches, etc. Same reason Destiny isnt coming to PC.

I understand that York but Destiny IS coming to 360.

By the time the game releases next gen consoles will come further down in price anyway , PS£ and 360 are old as fuck now and get used to the fact that game devs are focusing on next gen

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