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In comments and e-mails you asks us a lot of questions about Hellraid. Although it’s often too early to go into details because of ongoing development process of the game, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and got them answered. Feel free to leave any additional questions that comes into your mind in the comment section.



What is Hellraid?

We’re calling Hellraid a first-person co-op slasher. We invented this genre to capture the idea behind our game which blends elements of classic hack & slash titles with a more advanced combat system based on timing and precision, RPG’s, shooters and multiplayer games into one unique experience seen in very immersive, first-person perspective.

Will gamers experience Hellraid only in co-op? What is the main difference between playing solo and in co-op?

Hellraid can be experienced both in single-player and in co-operation. While playing solo you explore the world, complete quests, gather loot and develop your character. In co-operation tension rises when you struggle to achieve mission goals while competing with your friends for points granted for each kill, team-plays and automatically generated challenges throughout the game.

What does the gameplay in Hellraid look like?

In Hellraid you travel between levels using a web of magic portals. Each level can be played an unlimited number of times to complete the story campaign, side quests and to defeat forces of evil with friends while competing for experience, points, rewards and places on leaderboards. During the game players can use a variety of melee, ranged and magical weapons. Combat is expanded with a set of unique active skills for each character class which gives the team additional tactical capabilities while searching for treasure, completing objectives, avoiding deadly traps, fighting the hordes of enemies and boss battles.

Will gamers be able to develop their characters, or customize the weapons and armor?

Each of the four character classes available in Hellraid (Warrior, Mage, Paladin and Rogue) will have their own skill tree that can be developed during the game. Along with that players can customize their weapons using an advanced crafting system or change their combat capabilities and appearance with armor that can be bought in shops, traded between the players or found during the game.

Who or what is Game Master?

Game Master is a complex system inspired by pen and paper role-playing games that makes each play through of Hellraid a different, completely new experience. In co-operation mode, Game Master carefully selects competitive challenges for players and awards the best ones at the end of each level. It changes where and how you and your friends complete quests, placement, numbers and types of enemies you encounter as well as deploying treasure chests and loot.

Will Game Master work in single-player as well?

Yes, Game Master will alter the experience in single-player the same way it does in co-op but without the competitive challenges which are unique for playing with your friends.

How long is Hellraid and when it will be released?

Thanks to Game Master and the varied experiences that it provides, Hellraid will give players hundreds of hours of pure fun. The game will be released in 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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Hopefully this game will be splitscreen, if not then its a no buy for me as well. Games are barely worth my time if they are single player only. Need some cool games to play with my Girlfriend.

2 Players + one screen divided in half = My money in your pocket and :)

Will there be a retail version of the game for pc?

How much will the game cost on steam early access?

Is there split screen (even for just 2)? If not, then it is a no buy for me.

Ahh, I see that below some one said no, although that was a year ago. I hope they change that because the game looks like it could hit some high notes with another friend in the same room.

please add a optional 3rd person mode.
I do understand that it might add some added work for you guys.But there certain people who prefer to play rpgs in 3rd person mode ( i have never played skyrim in 1st person..yes i can shoot arrows in 3rd person easy).

if you add a third person option for this it will be great

Yes Gender would be awesome!
Choosing Gender, adding 3rd Person, to see the Characters Armor Parts would be really cool. A Level System like Paragon in Diablo 3 or the Badass Rank in Borderlands 2 would also be really awesome. Hitting the Level Cap, and then get additional EXP to Improve the Character somehow.

Will you be able to choose your gender in Hellraid? This is an important issue for me, as I, and I am sure many others, do not want to or enjoy playing as the opposite gender.

Please add a 3rd Person as an Option to the Game!

No Splitscreen, no buy.
Too sad, it looks great.

is it going to have a system link. for off line 2 player?

can you get pole arm weapons. like a spear and halberd?

Will it be a map making tool, to create and share on steam workshop? This would be awesome...

Will the competitive elements be able to be turned off? I enjoy pure coop with my friends.

Also, I could never get the online system working in Dead Island (PS3.) Will that work better in this game?...

Saw the coop answer below. Great!

Now, about that online playing...

there's only one thing kinda bothering me, the level size, I get that I could just go back through the level if I want more content, but what about the actual size of these levels? will there be sub dungeons and so forth, what should I expect?

Salutations, so I was wondering if the crafting system was going to just encompass weapons or also encompass things such as potions, armor, trinkets, and perhaps enchantments for your three groups of items (armor, weapons, trinkets)? Honestly I'd be happy for some interesting weapons enchant visuals. Also, is the crafting system going to be based off resource materials (iron, copper, stone, etc) or was it it going to be based on something like a combination of parts such as a blade, hilt, and handle for something like a sword that you loot while exploring? Also, if potions crafting is in the game (Alchemy) will there be buffing potions and maybe poisons for your weapons? On another note I'm glade I came across this game as I've been looking for a game to co op with my friend that gives that dungeon delving you have no hope of victory feel. I mean I love other games in the franchise but, the single player aspect in this genre is just shoved in your face across the board and I don't really enjoy adventure/rp games with out a friend you know someone to show off the cool loot you have or you know "loot whoring" with. Anyway, hope to see the preorder soon you have my $x*2 when those come around.

Can it be played in split Screen? Me and the GF are all about couch co op. It was extremely disappointing when Dead Island didn't have that. And I am curious to when it will be released. If it will be in 2013 like you say, your time is dwindling, as the days of 2013 are nearing the end.

Unfortunately, Hellraid won't feature split screen co op.

i duno wat it is about certain games that make you just want it, but this one. i dying for a release date. im anxious to get into those rooms with the book shelves n do watever while killing the hordes of hell. the only thing i dont look forward to again pretty much is the charger which is essentially the same as it was in dead island, yeh i guess this will be the same but better n improved experiance but dammit deepsilver something bout ur games make me want them, get this out soon plz!

Couch coop is a buy/nobuy for me, even if you can't combine it with online.

I love Dead Island, and I see that this game will be very similar to it, but I don´t like the idea of compete with my friends on the coop mode. Why don´t give the possibility of choose if we want compete or not with our frends?. I think that the Dead island coop mode is PERFECT!!.
Another question...Do you know if the game will be released with the voices translated into other languages?, Or will only be released in English?


how is the loot system going to work? if it is going to be freeloot please add an option to change it to round robin. freeloot encourages greed when playing with others and will create a horrible online experience.

Wow. Cry more. Play with friends? People that whine, complain, and want everything for themselves make a bad online experience. Some of the best online games I have ever played have free loot.

you must be one of those kids that run around stealing everything and not fighting.

will there be any extras for people who pre order?

Yes, we will reveal then when Pre order starts.

This game seems just the thing we're looking for. (me and my gaming buddies). Maybe it's an option to add an easy map editor? So players can create their own dungeons. For instance a bit like the Hero Quest board game. Travel from A to B complete objective and travel back to A or C to finish the map.
But, something else. The gameplay trailer didn't show it, but what about shields? A real swordsman needs a nice shield of some sort, I didn't see that in the trailer.

Will It be true story co op like diablo 2 or will the co op be a separate experience then the single player storyline? So will I be playing the same story with my friends that I would by myself. The Definition of co op is a little hazy to me.

In Hellraid you can play the story campaign alone and with friends as well.

Ok because the way it was described sounded to me that co op was going to be more focused on pvp and competing against your friends. I'm glad you guys chose to have true co op. Most games give us a awesome single player story but then we have to play something entirely different with our friends. Cant wait till this is released!

ya thats was a bit confusing to me too. So just to make this clear, we will be able to explore the world, complete quests, gather loot and develop our character in co op just as we would in single player but with a few added features. Because it doesn't list any of that in the description of co op above.

Thanks for the clarification. Its really cool that theres devs interacting with the community. You dont see that much these days!

when can i pre order this on steam

This sounds a lot like a mixture between diablo and the old gauntlet games(especially the travelling between levels with portals). In other words....freaking awesome.

Hellraid looks like a really interesting title and i'm very interested, even with just a short couple minute clip!
i'm glad there are plans for this to be released on Steam, however, one or two things i'd like to really understand.

from the looks of the video coverage, it looks like the melee system is really trying to be like a real melee system that can actually feel like you're swinging a sword rather than a gun that shoots really short range bullets. what can we expect from the melee in Hellraid that we haven't already seen?

these random challenges, being random, do they also have random rewards? are they based on how 'difficult' the challenge ends up being? are they like the rest of the co op where we'll be competing for stuff? or will completing challenges be a truly co operative goal like the main mission goals? i don't mind having some silly fun with my friends battling for points and whatnot, just want to understand.

if loot will be randomized, can we expect the sometimes ridiculousness of Borderlands style random weapons? i'm half excited and half horrified about seeing randomly generated swords from pools of handles, blades, hilts, and whatever else there may be.

Huge fan of dead island here

I have watched the trailer and read a lot of info on the game but I still can't seem to find if the levels will be linear(think Diablo, Baldurs gate) or more opened up like in the first dead island.

Doesn't sound much of a coop mode if you have to compete against your friends.

God Mode has players technically competing against each other, at the end of each map there's a room where money randomly spawns, and you can kill each other to steal gold from them xD
when playing with friends it's funny, with random people probably not so much.

Will the game have lots of different enemies? And will it have dragons? ^^

Will it be a retail game or a XBLA title?

How many dungeons will the game have?

Hey guys,
the gameplay videos look quite promising! To me this upcoming game looks like a mixture of Diablo, Hexen, and Quake. Wonderful! Not much can go wrong now, eh?
Some questions remain though:
Do you plan to include some interesting lore? You know, it is fun to slay demons etc. but it's twice the fun if there is a nice background story (e.g. D1, D2, DnD games).
The type of narration within the game is also important, have you given it some thoughts? Blizzard usually used expensive render videos for that. You probably lack funding for such videos. Have you given thought to a narration style similar to, say, Neverwinter Nights?

And my last question, well, actually a plea: Are you going to release the game on GoG? Please, with sugar on top, consider it!

Good Luck!

Hi! I'll voice another pro shield support here, (and throw in regular bows in addition to crossbows) But mostly I have a few more important questions. 1) will there be a 3rd person point of view option either in gameplay, or at least in a menu to check out how your character looks in his armor/weapon? (I need a look at my loot!) 2) are the characters you play as in the story distinctly good guys or are they sort of morally ambiguous like Skyrim allowed for? I don't really want to fight evil as a "witch" or a user of "dark magic", if we're fighting Hell shouldn't the characters be distinctly "righteous"? Thanks! P.s. local coop and online mix would be absolutely amazing.

I'll be honest at first when someone linked me some screenshots of this game, I was like "meh". But then i stumbled on the gameplay video, and holy shit. I just really hope there some unforgiving rewarding difficulty setting for masochist inside me. Really excited.

Are you adding a lot of spells? I think one of they key to success in games are variety. It is always nice to have a lot of spells, loot etc

Will there be FOV customization?

Yes, we'll have a FOV slider in Options menu.

Just my thoughts for younger players who did not see Heretic, Hexen and Quake 1. I think this will be something like Borderlands with swords. You will have skills and there will be large levels connected with some gates. Randomness (although influenced by player action) will be in the monster placement, numbers and ferociousness but not in the level/map design. Randomness will likely be in the weapons drop. There will be weapon customization.

Question: what kinds of items will we have besides weapons? Charms, rings, armor, backpacks, traps...

There will be a wide range of crafting items, magic potions as well as armors and costume pieces.

Will we be able to choose our gender or are classes gender locked??

We haven't decided yet but probably gender locked.

Please, for the love of God, don't make classes gender locked. I'm begging you on my knees before my laptop.

Having gender freedom will make the world a better place, you'll sleep better knowing you made the world a better place. Players will smile, rainbows will grow, flowers will bloom. Make the right choice. Thanks.

pls pls pls DON'T make it gender locked T_T.

Please don't make it gender locked, pretty plz.

i agree please dont gender lock the classes

Can we play this single player, story driven campaign, in co op, just like Dead Island?

It would be great if this game was available at GOG.com. This game looks great!

I've asked this before but i'll ask it again: please add splitscreen co op to the console versions. I think the game would benefit greatly from this.

Stop asking for split screen Jesus, get your friends to buy it and plat over live. It's not as easy as it sounds to implement split screen.

There won't be a split screen co op option.

Four player split screen would really be great.

At a glance, this game looks similar to Skyrim. So my question is how will the game differ from Skyrim regarding combat and customization?

We're not copying Skyrim so it will differ a lot :)

Well first
How much is it to get (money)
also will their be singleplayer?
Finally, Will this be on steam
Thanks to anyone who replys!

There will be single player campaign and we want to release Hellraid on Steam.

Any thoughts on the oculus rift? Also, will there be more classes as game development progresses? Finally, what the price do?

We won't have Oculus Rift support at least not at launch. There will be four character classes to choose from. It's too early to talk about the price, pre orders, etc.

(i ask this : this game will support oculus rift or other vr devices?)about oculus in It’s official: Project Hell is now Hellraid! they response: Sorry, but it don't have any official support right now.
Posted on May 10, 2013 by Hellraid Dev

what is very sad because with this genre/type of game fit 150% nice with oculus

This game would be fucking terrifying and incredible with rift support!! First person slasher? Creepy tombs? Ambient sounds through your headset? Paint me shit scared brown.

Ok, umm, I want to make a comment without sounding like an asshole of sorts for calling you out, but you are claiming to have invented the slasher genre, which you haven't. Even if you mean you are the first ones to make this specific mix of genres, you might want to make a new term for that, although you are not.

Similar games come to mind, like Zeno Clash and Chivalry, but really, this game reminds me, most of all, of Ravensoft's Hexen... which isn't at all a bad thing: the nostalgia has gotten me excited over this time four times over any other game, and it looks incredible by it's own right given what I have seen and read thus far, but you might not wanna say you "Invented this genre", rather, say you are reigniting it, or reinvigorating it, or lastly, reinventing it: make it your own thing, but don't use other people's terms and call it your own creation.

All the best, looking forward to it.

We haven't invented the slasher genre we just invented first person co op slasher genre which we believe is unique for Hellraid.

"this game reminds me, most of all, of Ravensoft's Hexen..."
Well, in one of the first interviews devs clearly stated that they take inspiration from Hexen/Heretic and first Quake and Diablo. But Hexen has only a solo campaign and chivalry is a PvP, not PvE, game, and I don't remember any first person melee co op game to be honest, so yeah, that something new (or at least rare).

will it have weapons with randomly generated properties as well as randomly generated dungeons in 3d?
i much prefer those than the weapon system in skyrim

Weapons Yes.
Dungeons No.

Will you show more at E3? We need more gameplay and a release date.

We'll have something special for E3 :)

Do you have any plan about post release content for the game? or maybe tools for players so they can make new co op missions and then share them on your forums/steam workshop?

looks great so far! :)
Good luck!

We have some plans and ideas but it's too early to share them ;)

Map editor would be nice thing to have later on indeed especially since there will be game master mode in this game from the beginning.

Looks amazing!
My questions:
1. Will it be avaliable on steam?
2. Once you have fineshed a level, and moved to the next one, will you be able to return to it again?
3. Shields ? :)

1. Yes, we want our game to be available on Steam.
2. Yes and Game Master will ensure that it's a completely new experience.
3. They're not really suitable for the fast pace of our game, but we still haven't decided on that.

Eyy, I'd like to see shields in this game too, I always play warrior in full plate armour with one handed sword + shield. See no reason to not have shields just because game is fast paced, seriously c'mon.

Will this game support multiplayer via LAN

When it will be released?
Will it support windows xp(dx9)?

We want to release Hellraid this year. It will support Windows XP and DX9.

Will there be randomly generated levels?

No, there won't be randomly generated levels.

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