It’s official: Project Hell is now Hellraid!

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The time has come and we can finally announce our game’s title. Dark fantasy FPP hack & slash which we revealed last year under the working title Project Hell has evolved into Hellraid. A thrilling mix of genres that we like to call a first-person co-op slasher. Those few words represent the general idea for our game. Let me tell you more about it.

From the first-person perspective, player will be drawn into the game’s unique fantasy world right from the start to experience an entirely new level of hack & slash action. Our combat system is also far more advanced than simple repetitive clicking as it needs precision and good timing when striking enemies and parrying their attacks while the blood splashes all around – that’s why we use the term slasher.




Everyone will be able to play Hellraid in a story-driven campaign but our main focus is on cooperative multiplayer. Why? It’s simple. Fighting hordes of hellish monsters is far more exciting when you do it with friends. To make it even more satisfying we’ve added an element or coopetition between the players. Each action in the game, be it killing a monster or helping a dying companion, is rewarded with points. The best players will receive special rewards and climb up the leaderboards.

Finally to make Hellraid even more exciting we’ve designed a clever system we call, appropriately, the Game Master. It places loot and spawn different sets of enemies on the level as well as generates online challenges which makes each game a new and different experience.

We’ll reveal even more about the game in the coming weeks so keep an eye on our blog, new Facebook page and Twitter. As for now, please let us know in the comments what you think about Project Hell becoming Hellraid.


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i love that game soo muchhh... <3 but the problem is.... im from germany and it will be blacklisted

Is the realase also in germany or is it a blacklist game for germans?.. :D

The game hasn't been rated yet, so... we actually don't know that at the moment. We would like to release it in Germany because we get a lot of letters from you guys :)

well, I love this project. I saw some pictures, and it remind me to Diablo 1. That game was very very dark, and "real". By real I mean that the monsters actually scared you, you saw them, and you can believe that they had come from hell. As DOOM 1, or 2, the graphics were very bad, but the design was always the best. I remember playing Diablo 1 in the PS1, you could play it in the same console, not splitscreen, more like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It was awesome.

It would be great if this game has split screen, I always read people saying that it would be great to games like Skyrim to have split screen. I think ti would be a great addition. If you say you want it to be a coop experience, there is nothing better than play it with your friend, in the same room as your friend.

Shaping up to be a great game guys, keep it up. One thing: you could add splitscreen co op to this. Only thing i thought missed the also great Dead Island.

Yep, splitscreen co op for console versions would be great!! I would probably play it solo on PC and with friend(s) on splitscreen on console. This game needs it :)

I am pretty excited about Hellraid. Also nice blog!!

One question: will the Game Master work in single player too? I ask because I usually play single and the GM would definitely boost the replayability.

Game Master will work both in co op and single player.

One more thing, do not forget BOWS please :)

YAY! Finnally somebody is gonna make another game like Dark Messiah. Can't wait!!!!

this game will support oculus rift or other vr devices?

Sorry, but it don't have any official support right now.

this game looks great and i would definitely buy it. To bad its probably gonna have level scaling right?

Sorry i cant enjoy RPG games in which the leveling aspect is gonna made completely pointless or actually working to your disadvantage.

If you need any help with some beta testing just tell, I'd be glad to try this stuff :)
Keep on guys, you're doin' great!

I am eagerly awaiting this (I love Dead Island, but the setting and atmosphere here are probably more to my taste). If you need any beta testers at any point...

Deweloperzy, jesteś najlepszy!
Napisałem artykuł przeglądowy na temat gry.


Dzięki!/Thanks! :)

looks really promising, i am definitely going to keep tabs on your project! :D

Me again. Finally I´ve read all of the blog entries and some things came up in my mind:
Infantry I like the idea of non naked cliché skeletons. But models of body look rather appropriate for healthy gymmed man than for pile of bones, sinews and dryed skin. When I look at the filled waist of skeleton...for me, the right immersion could be obtained by a little loosed belt on thinner waist, or maybe missing part of gear (one glove, one boot), which shows that skinny hand/foot. I like the way how undead were introduced in card/table DoomTrooper/Warzone:
LINK vivant.jpg
(notice big shoes and chest armour for thin legs and arms).
Weapons will there be some less frequent in other games pieces like armor piercing pole (simple tipped 1m long iron rod with two round crossguards for not to slip from hands) or fist shield (for basic blocking and reinforced punch)?
Soundtrack this game is the one which Diablo 1 soundtrack would perfectly fits for (although I prefer D2 soundtrack for ages), but there is already one Diablo 1, right :). I remembered game Revenant, especially this track:
and I am very into quiet sound of screams, scratches and twisted whispering. In that way I still like one song from band Ancient:
(don´t look at the video, It´s quite aged). For a game it has to be less song ish and more musical, of course, but something like that could be good ambient for catacombs with...
...goblins. You have undead and necromancers, badass blind railwayman, so the ones that left are goblins. Not those smiley little green fellows (even with some tech), but filthy stinking hateful goblins with yellow saw teeth and a little care about food selection:
http://1 media cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1358/39/1358391209700.jpg
But that´s my humble opinions. And sorry for the essays.

will there be retail release or just downloadable?

We want Hellraid to be retail as well as downloadable.

nice to hear that, i hope there will be a great collector's stuff, like dead island.

I want to see shields too :)

Hello guys,
I have found both site and game by an accident and I´m...excited.
When I saw colours of the game, mentioning Hexen, Severance: Blade of Darkness, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, advanced combat techniques (attack direction, throwing things, yeah!), I got amazed.
I haven´t read all of the blog entries yet and maybe I am asking stupid, but what about loot system? I mean, if there will be magic gear (if not it would be even more cool): besides of magic find (Diablo) and fixed placement (Elder Scrolls) involve mechanics like "chance of imbuing opponents gear by your magic attack" (with an explanation, hm, transmission of concentrated magic essence), which (gear) can be looted after killing. And another this chance can be raised by something like growing survival index (time from last death of character, I think similar thing was in Sacred 2). These things crossed my mind first.
Anyway, please keep good work on. Let this game stay unfinished or ruined would make me very sad Panda.

We'll be revealing more details in the upcoming weeks but rest assured that we don't want to upset the Panda :)

Well done, mates! Well done!
Wish you inspiration and good mood.

Wow, It's really coming true! I'd like to know if you guys are carrying over the analog controls for gamepads in some way or another because I enjoyed that very much. Oh, and decapitation would be nice. Keep up the good work and take care.

3mam kciuki panowie za wasz projekt

Yeah, both the site and the game look awesome! :)

That will be so nice game, let me think: will be there any unique items and sets? If yes, I love it right now ;)

Unbelievable cool concepts and screenshots. Instabuy a real must have. Keep up da great work and produce a geat deal of new contents loike these !!! ++++A lot loooooooot!!! :)

Been a long time since Hexen.
A game like this is long overdue.
Very, very keen.

Hexen is still a fantastic game so thanks for that comparison! :)

Closed Beta entries when?

We're thinking about some kind of public tests but it's too early to talk about specifics.

Try developing for the handhelds as well! The people need a Dead Island type game for the Vita!

nice, from what i seen in pictures already the game looks great, medieval dead island style sounds great, will it have mods also like dead island? that would rock if we could mod this game up

thanks for taking the chance on this guys m/

Looks interesting, please show more of the game!

I need this game. Finally a FPS/fantasy/medieval with co op

Looks very interesting... It's comming for current platforms? Any solid release date too?

It's comming to PC, X360 and PS3 later this year.

Thank you for choosing this thematic, the game looks creepy and amazing.

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