Mastering Medieval Sword Fighting

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We spend a lot of time improving our combat system because – as we keep repeating – we believe that fighting will be the essence of Hellraid. Our programmers and animators are currently working on new types of melee attacks based on our experience gained from a medieval sword fighting training that we took recently.


Members of the ARMA-PL association showed us a wide range of techniques from various European schools of sword fighting. They practice on daily basis and study the rules of the craft from old books and manuscripts. Thanks to them, we learned, for instance, that the power of a two-handed sword attack comes from the thrust of hands, not from mindless swinging.

We’ve prepared a short Developer Diary to tell you more about our experience with medieval weaponry and how we’re enhancing the melee combat in Hellraid.


Leave us a comment about what you think about the video and if you’d like to see more of them.

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Wow! this seems to be a amazing game in which medieval weapons and medieval shields are used.Can you tell me how can get this game.

Going the extra mile to make the game great and all they do is ask when is it coming out lol! That is a good sign i suppose, a few suggestions if they are not in place already: I noticed a shield, one part i don't like about some games is when i KNOW i raised my shield in time to block the attack i am still struck for full damage, now some games incorporate a time to fully raise a shield but imo, that ruins it. A skill set, or Shield item level, that controls the amount blocked would be cool, not to tell you how to make your game or anything, but u said you wanted opinions!

Are there any plans for spears or polearms?

Yes, i agree with him.
Like he say: "lot of us will pay whatever you put it up for as long as we get free updates."

Devs: you doing lot of work to add lot of features to improve hellraid for us and the only word we can say is THANK YOU !
But, it s hard to wait hellraid especially when we visit your Facebook page and we see lucky player test hellraid coop function

Reply back to my self :()
About Hellraid early acces (if they are one chance you considerate this offer)
You release the game on steam/psn and xbox live, okay.

And what about buying the game in early acces on you blog ?
I mean just on you blog for people understand what is early acces and want contribuate to the devellopement.


Right now we don't have plans to release an early version of the game but we never know what future will come...

Here is an idea.. you cud release the game as an alpha game and make updates as you deem necessary. I am sure a lot of us will pay whatever you put it up for as long as we get free updates.


is there going to be male and female fighters or just bummer male

This article is freaking amazing. I am not a huge video game guy but Im a huge medieval history and weaponry guy.

I run a weaponry site at LINK and would love to teach your readers a bit more about the weapons they wield in the game and how they translate to real life. If you think your audience would enjoy making their experience more real I would love to hear from you.


Matt Ward
email: ArthursArmory.com

Also can you add really epic boss fights. Like some interesting types of bosses that have awesome attacks and intricate attack patterns would be nice and add more strategic gameplay

This game is definitely looking amazing. I hope this game has dual wielding of weapons and armor or enchanting which are my favorite things in any game

I have a question that has been bothering me. You may not be to this decision point yet, but I wanted to see if anyone would consider answering. I imagine you won't limit the classes entirely to certain weapons hopefully. Will a cooperative team be able to mix groups of the same class? (Example: Two barbarians and two wizards.) Thank you for your time.

Good job so far! When we will get a gameplay video and a release date(a month)?

It's really hard to say at the moment... You need to stay patient.

Good job I hope and magic system will be fine

Thanks for the video!
I hope that your studies will help you "catch" the spirit of medieval fighting, and recreate it in the game, so that players would feel like real warriors in combat situations.
Pity that the video is short.

In future videos Id like to see your concept on Critical strikes, and what happens on the screen when the main character gets damaged red lighting, stumbles, screen shaking and other effects.

Just make the combatsytem as good as it was in Dark Messiah, and i`m fully satisfied ^^
Maybe you could add several moves likes stabbing, and upward slash or a quick knock with the end of the sword handle

Great!!! you've done good paying a lot of attention to the swordmanship. By the way i always hope in a new gameplay vid ;)

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