Take part in Edyn’s Escape in this latest video from Hellraid

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We’ve prepared something really special. Edyn’s Escape is an interactive movie prequel to the events in Hellraid in which you, the viewer, decides what happens next.

The movie is set in the environments from the game and uses items available for players during gameplay. You take the role of brother Edyn, a monk who wakes up in a monastery overrun by hellish creatures. He only has one goal – run for his life and escape. By making your choices you help him get there, for which there is a reward waiting at the end of the movie.

Have fun watching and playing Edyn’s Escape. You can also read more about the making of the movie further in this post.


The biggest challenge while making Edyn’s Escape was to make it really entertaining to watch in each short part that we cut from several playthroughs ending with different outcomes. Exploration, looting and fighting feels different while you play the game compared to when you watch them in the movie. That’s why for example we decided to make weapons found in the movie very powerful, so our hero can quickly kill the enemies he encounters.


Also, the events you see in the movie doesn’t represent actual gameplay, which will be more dynamic while players will be able to move freely through locations and fight larger groups of enemies. The purpose of this movie was to create a mood of danger and sense of threat especially while brother Edyn is deprived of weapons. In this movie you see the world invaded and pillaged by hellish forces, at the verge of the extermination of human kind. Now you run but in Hellraid you’ll fight back.

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Now October, only 2 months left to go. How far is the game progressing to completion? So far there's not really been any gameplay trailers, character build information, release date estimation, pre order announcement, or much of anything telling us the game is close to coming out so Im just wondering how long until this game is actually ready...I mean if this game needs time you should extend it to 2014

Do you plan to issue pre orders? It would be great to buy this game as early as possible.

hi!i noticed that Edwyn drank the potion in an instant without any delay or animation.i hope that this is going to change because it's a cheap design choice and it encourages potion spamming.look at skyrim for instance where you can pause the game when you have low health and drink 10 potions and just hit trade with your opponents.you don't need to block or use any tricks because you can spamm potions.my point is that instantaneous potion drinking can overshadow other cool abilities and ruin the game.who wants to bother with dodge,block or parry when they can stack up 30 potions in their inventory and spamm the quick key attached to it while hit trading with enemies.otherwise the game looks good

Excellent point. That removes essentially all challenge from the game.

They said that everything in the video is not a display of how the actual gameplay is, its just a way to show the level design and enemies featured as of late. So more than likely anything other than the exploration is not how the actual gameplay will work out

Just hoping the online play actually works; never could get Dead Island to work online...

Something tells me that with a game like this we're bound to see more information come October (gameplay, character builds, release date, etc) Honestly I expected this game to be released in October a little before Halloween when I heard it would be coming out this year

So much nostalgia here, really looking forward to it.

I will preorder this, it needs a collectors edition aka riptides : D With full music cd!!!

Just want to say, you guys are doing a phenomenal job and I cant wait for this game. Also I no longer trust chests.

Im at school right now and i can't see what the rewars is. Anyways, great vids, i looking so foward to your game, i hope you release a complete gameplay video or a preview of classes.

I just completed your Youtube choose your own adventure game. It was good to be able to look around the environments, and see more combat.
This still looks to be my favorite game.
Are you still planning to release this year? I think you would announce a release date at least one month pre release, so we are looking at November at the earliest. At that point, your game will be competing with people's money against the new consoles and GTA V. I'll still buy your game, and I hope this game is a selling success so we can continue to see new titles from you guys. Good luck.

TBH there doesn't now seem to be a good time to release the game. The new consoles come out around Christmas and games like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Dark Souls 2 and Thief all release next February and March. The one Hellraid will be pitted against most would be Dark Souls 2 which has a bigger fan base and the success of previous titles in its series.

Hellraid is a new IP that only a few know about. I am however infinitely more interested in this than I am for Dying Light but Techland need to market this more to get the fans in who liked Dead Island. Perhaps they're already planning some big marketing near release. I'm confident the game will sell decent enough then.

Personally I would like to see a release this year though but the lack of marketing material and gameplay footage suggests the release is still several months away. From what little there is though I see that we have a solid hack and slasher on our hands with a perfected dark atmosphere if the videos here are anything to go by.

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